5 Myths In The Fitness World

I want to write about the 5 myths in the fitness world.

There is actually a lot more than 5 and I already debunked one about fruit.

Now some of these myths may sound dumb and stupid to you, however, many people do believe them.

So it’s Mythbusters time for us and let us get to debunking.

1.Drinking Protein Makes You Fat.

Drinking protein does not make you fat!!

Eating like a pig does. Consuming too many calories does.

Truth is people overeat, drink a protein shake and blame the protein shake instead of junk food.


If you are in a caloric deficit and you drink protein you won’t get fat.

If you are in a caloric surplus, you will get fat.

Is that simple.

2. Drinking Protein Will Make You Gain Too Much Muscle

As much as I would love for this to be true, sadly 🙁 it is just another myth in the fitness world.

Gaining muscle is really difficult for the majority of people.

It takes a long time to gain lean muscle.

In fact, gaining muscle is a lot more difficult than losing weight.

A simple workout and protein shake will not make you into the Hulk.

So, for those that “don’t want to gain too much muscle” believe me when I say this.


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3. Creatine Makes You Really Bloated

A common myth about creatine is that you will retain massive amounts of water in your body.

Truth is water retention because of creatine is very low.

How low? I don’t know because your water intake affects this.

The positive of taking creatine is much more beneficial than the very little water retention that creatine infamously causes.

In fact, creatine is the most researched supplement ever.

Creatine helps with ATP levels which greatly increases your strength.

Increased strength means heavier lifting.

Heavier lifting means increasing muscle mass.

See where I am going with this?

So take your 5 grams of creatine with joy and happiness! LOL

4. You Should Only Do Cardio To Lose Weight

This is another big myth that many people believe.

The matter of fact is that weight lifting is essential in losing weight.

Weight lifting increases your metabolism, reshapes your body, and helps with lean body mass.

You should be doing both for weight loss.

Not just long sessions of cardio.

However, if you decide to play or train a sport for your weight loss, then weight sessions don’t apply to you.

An example is if you decided to take up jogging, hiking, play basketball, hit the punching bag.

These sports will get you fit and healthy without lifting weights as long as you have a great diet.

5. You Can’t Have Any Sweets or Cheat Meals For Weight Loss

This is a myth and a fact at the same time. However, it is a myth for the majority of us.

The truth is you can have some sweets or a cheat meal and still lose weight.

As long as you are in a caloric deficit.

Most people who are newbies believe that you can no longer enjoy sweets or a hamburger for the rest of your life.

I believed that for many years.

However, I later learned that you can have them as long as your diet allowed it.

If you stuck to eating healthy the whole week and had a planned cheat meal with your family or friends then go enjoy that cheat meal.

Also, many of these pro bodybuilders do eat candy, pizza, and burgers; if they can eat them, so can you.

Myths Debunked

There you have it. The 5 myths in the fitness world are no longer facts for you.

You can now enjoy your protein shake, take creatine, lift weights, and enjoy some sugar.

Until next time.

Peace out and remember it is POSSIBLE to get fit.

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