“I Just Want To Lose My Belly Fat”

“I just want to lose my belly fat” is something that many people have told me when asking for fitness advice. You probably have said the same thing before. Those who only want to lose belly fat will do plenty of abs exercises to get a smaller stomach. Unfortunately (actually it is a fortunate thing), it does not work this way.


Fat Spot Reduction


Fat spot reduction is when you are only trying to lose fat at a targeted area such as abs.


This is a myth. This is a lie.


You may have seen commercials about products that say “This targets the fat on your stomach” or something of that nature. These commercials talk up a storm and make promises about their products that supposedly help you lose fat at targeted areas. This is a lie and a scam.


It’s Not Your Choice


You cannot and I repeat YOU CANNOT choose where you want to lose fat from. Your body decides that, not you.


If you think about it; this makes complete sense. Your body is not stupid or dumb (you might be, but definitely not your body. Just kidding lol). Your body will get rid of the fat from all over the place. It will lose fat from your face, arms, chest, and belly.


The reason is that your body needs to be symmetrical and balanced. Imagine how you would look with chiseled six-pack abs, but have fat legs and arms. You wouldn’t look normal.


Makes sense?


If you want to lose belly fat; all you can do is go on a diet and workout program. Your body will handle the rest. You will see that you are losing fat when your face, legs, arms, and stomach is starting to shrink.


So please don’t be that person that all you do is abs workouts and nothing else because you are not going to see the results that you want. Just focus on diet and working out then you will see that it is POSSIBLE to lose belly fat.



* Possible Fitness does not imply any medical advice in this article. There are no guarantees of specific results and results may vary. Please consult your family Doctor before starting any diet or training program.

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