Is Fruit Healthy To Eat?

Is fruit healthy to eat is a question that I get asked frequently. Now before you say “This is a stupid question. Who would ask that?!” Let’s calm down for a second and take a deep breath. Many people don’t know the answer to this question because they are confused. If you know the answer then good for you. If you don’t know and are confused; I don’t blame you. There is so much misinformation out there that your brain starts to hurt. Well, the answer is …




Fruits are healthy to eat and it should be included in your diet. Fruits have fiber and vitamins like vitamin a, b, c, and whatever other letters in the alphabet that your body needs. This is a good thing. Not a bad thing. Fruit is also low in fat (another good thing) and for the most part, low in calories.


Fruits are also sweet and delicious. It is called “nature’s candy” for a reason.

Is Fruit Healthy To Eat?

Unhealthy? Why?


The reason why you might have heard that fruit is unhealthy is because of the fructose (aka fruit sugar) in it. These people are sooooo against consuming any kind of sugar; that they promote not eating fruit. They argue that all sugar is created equal.


However, the sugar coming from candy or soda should not be compared to the fructose coming from fruits. Table sugar is empty calories; while fruits have fiber and vitamins in them.


Now I am not saying to eat bionicos all day (google bionicos if you are not latino). I am just saying that fruit should not be excluded from your diet. That’s all.


How About Fruit Juice?


Fruit juice is essentially soda without the carbonation. I don’t recommend fruit juice because it does not contain the fiber or vitamins that a whole fruit has. Fruit juice is stripped down to just sugar and water, so stay away from it.




Now that you know the answer, go ahead and eat that delicious banana, apple, mango (my favorite), or whatever fruit you love without any worry. Thus included in your diet. Just make sure you eat it in moderation and it is a whole fruit. FRUIT IS HEALTHY so it is POSSIBLE to eat it and be healthy.



* Possible Fitness does not imply any medical advice in this article. There are no guarantees of specific results and results may vary. Please consult your family Doctor before starting any diet or training program.

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