Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Now I do not recommend you lose 10 pounds fast because you will most likely gain it back. (Remember losing 1-3 pounds per week is more maintainable) However, if for some reason you need to lose a quick 5-10 pounds for an occasion, then I will explain how. This is not easy, but it works.


Eliminate All Sugars


That’s right. You read that right. Eliminate all sugars from your diet such as candy, soda, ice cream, and all those fancy coffee drinks. Sugars are just extra, empty, unnecessary calories. You will see quick results when you cut out sugar completely from your diet.


Eliminate Most Carbs


Do not eat chips, bread, pasta, beans, potatoes,…etc. You will want to cut out most carbs from your diet because you want your body to start using fat for energy. However, you can still eat some fruit as they have fiber and vitamins in it.


Eat Plenty of Vegetables


We all know that vegetables are super ( I mean SUPER) healthy. You can eat plenty of it because of the low-calorie amount. Vegetables also have plenty of fiber in it. Eating a lot of vegetables will help you drop weight fast as long as you don’t put the fatty dressings on them.


Eat Lean Meats


You will need to have protein in your diet. Eat chicken breast, ground beef, ground turkey, fish, or eggs. There are plenty of options for protein. Eating lean meats with vegetables will help you feel full and boost up your metabolism. The protein you consume will also help maintain your muscle mass.


Only Drink Water


Only drink water. Your body is mostly made up of water so drink plenty of it. Do not drink juices. Diet drinks are okay.




You can either walk 1-hour every day or jog 20-30 minutes every day. It is up to you. If you have a certain workout or exercise that you prefer (such as boxing or dancing) then do that. Exercising will burn extra calories and give you a metabolic boost.


Now I know this is extreme, however, you must do it all in order for you to drop the weight really fast. Again I do not recommend this option for those trying to lose weight and maintain your weight loss. If you need to lose 5-10 pounds though (possibly more) then this is the way!



* Possible Fitness does not imply any medical advice in this article. There are no guarantees of specific results and results may vary. Please consult your family Doctor before starting any diet or training program.

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