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Making the decision to transition to a healthier lifestyle can be an intimidating idea as it takes quite a bit of work, but one fundamental key to making such a drastic change starts with having the proper mindset. Having the right mindset is a crucial first step that will lead you to a long-lasting journey rather than burning yourself out within a few months. There are essentially two ways you view things and that is either with a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. The difference between the two is what stands between you and a successful transition into a new lifestyle. Here is a little insight into the two and how having a growth mindset is optimal for success and growth overall.

Typically when you are starting out on your fitness venture you will find that you may have previously adopted a fixed mindset. It is extremely important to shy away from this negative mindset because it is the belief that you are not in control of your journey. A fixed mindset limits your ability to thrive as you accept things for what they are rather than acknowledging your own faults and changing them. This way of thinking generally leads to a lack of motivation because it will lead you to believe that any setback you will face is a sign of failure. Transitioning to a new lifestyle is filled with many minor major setbacks because you are going through a process of trying something that is foreign to your daily routine and therefore it is inevitable that you face some slip-ups, but the true growth comes from learning from those slip-ups. It is helpful to avoid this way of thinking by constantly reminding yourself that you are a work in progress and consistency will help you overcome those obstacles.

Adopting a growth mindset comes with a much more positive outlook on your journey that will ultimately ensure success in the long run. A growth mindset allows you to understand that you can improve despite having a setback. It is the recognition that although you may not be currently satisfied with your health, you are working on it and so long as you stay with it you will find that success. Having this positive outlook will help make the journey much more enjoyable as you begin to see the progress you are making, which will only reinforce this belief in your own capabilities to grow. Some helpful ways to develop this mindset is by recognizing that although you will have setbacks, they will be opportunities to learn. 

From a personal perspective, I had to make the transition from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset as I went about my journey. Starting off, I felt as if I was just naturally out of shape due to my genetics and that I couldn’t do much to improve my health. Over time I saw that a combination of diet and exercise was really working for me and I began to realize that not everything is predetermined and that I could make these changes so long as I stayed consistent. Over time this mindset helped me out as I hit plateaus or any other setbacks because I knew that so long as I allowed myself the opportunity to learn from it I would get past that obstacle.

Again this transition to a new lifestyle can be extremely difficult, but not impossible. With the right mindset, you will be ready to face it head-on!

Ivan Peña

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